Welcome to The 6

Welcome to The 6: a high-end, trash filled, luxury community.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all bad, the bathrooms are tiled in $31,000 Italian tile. Very fancy.

I started managing this almost 300 unit apartment community in early April.  I was lured in with promises of an easy ride, no drama, no stress.  All lies.  Not once was it mentioned the community offered rock bottom prices during the lease-up period to secure a stable occupancy within the twelve month mark.  The residents are almost all entitled, deserving, condescending, and the biggest complainers I have ever met. I am in my tenth year of property management. I will never claim to say I’ve seen it all, to know it all but I will tell all in this colorful description of our fair community.  Some days are fun, some days are hell but everyday there is a story to tell…