He’s not even my brother…

A few months ago, a current resident requested to transfer to a larger unit.  She said her brother and his son would be moving in with her and the brother would be added to the lease.

I never paid much attention to the transfer like a good manager should, and these three people moved in to the apartment with an income that could suffice a $2000/month apartment.  The catch was the brother was never screened or added to the lease.  I don’t know about you other managers, but where I come from, if you’re over 18, you need to be screened and added to the lease.

This brother has been paying the rent for the past few months.  Last month, he approached me in the resident lounge where I was enjoying a 4:00 pm lunch break with my sweet husband who thoughtfully brought me food on a day I was alone with one of my other leasing agents. He walked up to us munching on our fries and asked me if he could pay his rent with cash.  I said it was not allowed because of obvious reasons, someone could steal his rent money. He obliged and purchased a money order.

Today, the brother came to me and said his sister and him were having a discussion and she wanted to get another place by herself.  He asked if he could be the “main lease holder” and she can downsize to another apartment. I said, “You’re both on the lease, right?” And he froze.  I pulled up their account and as it comes out, she is the only lease holder. Awesome. According to the brother, my leasing consultant told him he did not need to be added; however, she still gave him keys to the apartment and a key fob for the property as she would for a lease holder.

While we were speaking, the phone was ringing off the hook. The sister.  My leasing consultant answered and said sister wished to speak with me. I then asked the brother what was going on, and if there was some drama because I was not interested in being a part of it. The brother said there was not.  I finished with him and gave him the instructions for what I like to call a “Switch-er-Roo” which is a roommate add/roommate removal that alleviates the main lease holder of responsibility because someone is willing to take their place. Once he was approved, she could apply for a smaller unit alone.

I picked up the phone and this girl was bawling. She demanded to know what I was told by her brother. I gave her the plan and she continued to bawl. She said he is not who we think he is, he is manipulative and is in trouble. Then she cried some more. Finally, she said, “He’s not even my brother…”


I came out of my office and told the “brother” to fill out the application and we’ll get everything handled.

Shortly there after, a man cam in for a tour. I showed him our model and all the amenities. When we returned to the office the “brother” and skimpily dressed sister were waiting for me. I finished with my client and greeted the pair.  The sister again demanded to know what the “brother” had told me. She argued he came upstairs and told her he was going to leave and apply for his own apartment. I’m thinking to myself, “Whatever man. I don’t care what he told you…I just want the rent to get paid and for this guy to get screened because he’s living with you as an unauthorized occupant.” I finally told them I didn’t care who said what, I just need him to be screened because he is unauthorized and cannot continue to live in the apartment as an adult without being screened.

Then they left. I went to another late lunch and when I came back I decided to sit in the lounge again to avoid any sort of confrontation but oh no, this fool comes up to me and asks me how long it will take to get approved. I asked him to let me eat my lunch and I would help him when I finished. He asked about the drama that had occurred and I said I had not since I was at lunch.  Apparently, the sister had called lock change request to the office.

When I came back, the “brother” was pacing. He asked if she could change the locks on him and we replied, “Of course, she is the lease holder. Had you applied when you moved in here you would have rights but since you’re not on the lease, she can make that decision alone.” He asked if we would go up there and supervise while he retrieved his belongings. I’m thinking, “No way Jose. Not getting involved in this drama with your baby mama.”

We called our ever ready courtesy officer, a Deputy, to help out. When the Deputy arrived on scene he was fully dressed to enforce some shit. Gun, vest, taser, we got  it all.  And on a side note, there appears to be some small amounts of googly eyes between him and one of my leasing consultants. It’s innocent and pretty cute. Can’t wait to see where it goes…

The deputy escorted the “brother” up to the apartment. He was up there a while before texting me saying this wasn’t a “few items” it was a full blown move out.  The “brother” had started pulling all of his belongings out into the hallway.  We had some residents complain and asked what was going on and we simply said it was a break up and they stopped asking questions.

By the time the office closed it appeared to have concluded.  Today the sister called and said she no longer wants her locks changed. Guess brother and sister kissed and made up, those sick fucks. Thanks for bringing your family drama to my day, real  sweet of ya.


…and here we have another day in the life at The6, apartment management.